DOCTORS AND NURSES:- The 2 Great Unsung Heroes

Doctors and Nurses are the Queens Of the Chess Board.

What if i asks to today’s generation like, Who are the Heroes or What would they dream to become? Many of them would say like I want to be an Actor. None would say the Dr. or Army Officer because it’s not like their fault but, their Perception is cloudy. Honestly, today’s generation is all after the clicks,the pics, the selfies, the cameras, the fame and all that shit.

But the thing is we all are aware and know these heroes. But unfortunately we don’t mention them as the heroes. We know them as, The Doctors and Nurses. Yea you bit Surprised ? But yes they are The Heroes. Just the thing Is like that we are Not Getting As Inspired and as Motivated as we are by The Actors. They are just the mere Entertainers. Nothing more than that.

The real unsung Heroes are the Doctors, Nurses and our Soldiers as well. Today I will talk about Doctors and Nurses :- The two great unsung heroes. They willingly sacrifices their Lives for our Nation.

It’s our privilege, that they work day and Night for us wiithout any discrimination, any Partiality whether Caste, Gender or Religion. Binding with all The laws and ethics.

Doctors And Nurses: Healing The World

These Heroes are not only healing but making our lives worth living. How silly it is ? Even if the Cold remains we get tensed, and runs to the Medicinal professional. And from even the single scratch to the Multiple Fractures Or the High Degree Burns. They Cure us . And the Irony is we mention the Entertainers as the Heroes.

They act with their full Potential, Skill, Knowledge along with the Art to serve the Society. Have you ever thought how would you feel if you are living in the society full of Diseases and Ailments. Ask yourself a question, would you step your foot their ? No you won’t. I bet you.

If these world is a body form then these Doctors And Nurses are the WBC (the soldiers of the body)“.

The Nurse is the one who let you in the world. She is the one who is with you when you first opened your eyes and will be their when you are taking your last breath lying in the bed of the hospital”.

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What Is The Doctor’s Emblem & What Does It Suggest ?

Medicinal Professional

That stick is the rod of Asclepius. In ancient Greek mythology, Asclepius was the son of Apollo, and the god of medicine and healing.

The Snake that’s wrapped around the rod may symbolize rejuvenation(restoring ones condition), because snakes shed their skin, or it could simply represent the healing of snakebites

What Is The Nurse’s Symbol & What Does It Suggest ?

Registered Nurse

The caduceus is one of the most well known and longest lasting symbols that all of us know. The caduceus features a staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes with wings on top, and can be found on medical uniforms, equipment, and other paraphernalia.

“Warriors Of Covid-19”

According to current situation, the word warriors is exactly matching for these doctors and nurses. It feels like this word is made for them only and I would say not just the warriors but the front-line warriors. Isn’t it ?

Because Warriors are the fighters right ? And they are also fighting for us. Moreover these warriors are fighting the enemies which are not at all visible with our naked eyes. Still they are risking their lives just for the sake of our lives. Also those who are retired they are also risking their lives for the society and are diving in, to do their duty.

Like the warriors only, their body is heavily loaded with the suit and are working day and night, regardless of the fact that they are also in the queue Of getting the infection. They are risking their family as well as themselves too. But no they are still working for the humanity, for the betterment of the this world.

And hence they are the Real Unsung Heroes and their sacrifices and glorious story has to be known to the world. And that amount of respect they have earned during this days is hardly achievable by any other personnel. Along with the Health Care Team Members There are Military Men and The Police who serves the nation day and night without getting tired is remarkable.

Here is the link of Soldier and Police : Our 2 real heroes. Click here to check it out.

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India’s Current Situation In Covid-19 Crisis:-

Some known Facts related to total working organizations in INDIA are shown as below :-

Total numbers of MBBS Doctors working9,27,000
Total numbers of MBBS students1,53,656
Total numbers of Nurses working17,48,363
Total Ex-Servicemen working1,79,918
Total numbers of ASHA working10,07,045

Also for the more details you can go through the official website . Click here to check it out.

If you wanna get active dashboard for more details then, Click here.

Message From Author:


This was all just for realizing you that come out of the box and comfort yourself in this real world. Stop giving much credits to mere entertainers and start give the credits and respect to the ones who are truly deserving it. The doctors and nurses or police and military men are the real heroes.They are there in the hospital and /or borders apart from their families they are staying awake so that you could sleep tight with you near and dear ones in the home risking and sacrificing their lives just so that you could be safe and our nation could be safe.They are not celebrating the festivals with their loved ones so that you could celebrate.

Being the citizens all we have to do is just to provide the respect and dignity to them, nothing else. Atleast we can do that and we should that. And Its not like that I am just asking you only to provide the respect to them but also requesting you to please educate your upcoming generations the importance of these warriors of our country because without them neither our nation is safe and secure nor will be able to survive.

Understand the difference and importance of them.

With Regards,

Your Author

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  1. How I see the medical profession is like just giving your best to turn ” painful ” and ” sad faces ” into ” smile ” . It’s always hard to keep doing what doctors and nurses do.and according to me our duty is to serve people with all the might and with all the doctors and nurses and other paramedical staff , keep going , because God is watching how good work you are doing.god bless .

  2. There are number of reasons to say that the doctors are next to God. Really now time comes to teach our next generation that teachers.. doctors… army men… are the real heroes who are always stand for your security and life… jay hind…

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