How to stop overthinking?

Hello! Today I am here to share with you to How to Stop Overthinking? Here are ten simple ideas to help thinkers stop spinning their wheels. Overthinking doesn’t sound so bad on the surface thinking is good right but overthinking can cause problems.

Top 10 ways to Stop Overthinking

1. Awareness is the beginning of change.

Wanting More out of Life? Start with Awareness
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Before you can begin to address or cope with your habit of overthinking, you need to learn to be aware of it. When it’s happening any time you find yourself doubting or feeling stressed or anxious step back and look at the situation and how you’re responding in that. Moment of awareness is the seed of the change you want to make.

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2. Don’t think of what can go wrong but what can go right.

In many cases overthinking is caused by a single emotion fear. When you focus on all the negative things that might happen it’s easy to become paralyzed. Next time you sense that you starting to spiral in that direction stop and visualize all the things that can go right. Keep those thoughts present and upfront.

3. Distract yourself into happiness.

Why Success Won't Make You Happy - The Atlantic
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Sometimes it’s helpful to have a way to distract yourself with happy positive healthy alternatives things like mediation, dancing, exercise, learning an instrument, knitting, drawing and painting can distance you from the issues enough to shut down the over-analysis.

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4. Put things into perspective.

It’s always easy to make things bigger and more negative than they need to be. From the next time you catch yourself making a mountain out of a molehill ask yourself how much it will matter in 5 years or for that matter next month just this simple question changing up the timeframe can help shut down overthinking.

5. Stop waiting for perfection.

This is a big one for all of us who are waiting for perfection. We can stop waiting right now being ambitious is great but aiming for perfection is unrealistic, impractical and debilitating. The moment you start thinking this needs to be perfect is the moment you need to remind yourself waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.

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6. Change your view of fear.

Whether you’re afraid because you’ve failed in the past or you’re fearful of trying or overgeneralizing some other failure remember that just because things did not work out before does not mean that has to be the outcome every time. Remember every opportunity is a new beginning a place to start again.

7. Put a timer to work.

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Give yourself a boundary set a timer for 5 minutes. And give yourself that time to think, worry and analyze. Once the timer goes off spend 10 minutes with a pen and paper writing down all the things that are worrying you stressing you or giving you anxiety. When the 10 minutes is up throw the paper out and move on preferably to something fun.

8. Realize you can’t predict the future.

No one can predict the future. All we have is now if you spend the present moment worrying about the future you are robbing yourself of your time. Now spending time on the future is simply not productive. Spend the time instead on things that give you Joy and Happiness.

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9. Accept your best.

The fear that groans overthinking is often based in feeling that you aren’t good enough, not smart enough or hard-working enough or dedicated enough. Once you’ve given an effort your best, accept it as such and know that while success may depend in part on some things you can’t control you’ve done what you could do.

10. Be grateful.

100 Reasons to be Grateful Today
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You can’t have a regretful thought and a grateful thought at the same time. So why not spend the time positively every morning and every evening. Make a list of what you are grateful for get a gratitude buddy and exchange lists so you have a witness to the good things that are around you.

This are the Top 10 simple ways to stop overthinking. I hope this might have provided some value to you, so don’t forget to share it.

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