SCIENCE: A Great Dilemma ?

Introduction On Science :-

Basically, it is nothing but the reason behind any damn thing occurring in this whole universe.Whether it is the occurring of the smile on the face or expression of the anger on the face or might be the tears coming out of the eyes. Whether you breath or poop or even the reason behind the existence of you, me and even this universe.

It is nothing but the body of the knowledge and can be called as the process of acquiring the knowledge.

Knowledge is something great you know, But the thing is that, as the coin is having its own two sides likewise this science is also having its two sides. It is the double edged sword. It has its own benefits and disadvantages as well. Ultimately its in our hands and depends on ourselves like how do we treat it. Whether as a true boon or as a disastrous bane because in a true sense it is a blessing but some morons are using it in a very negative way and that’s how it would then act as a bane.

We never intend to do any of thing, and whether you accept it or not but its the tendency of the human and now you will think and will say that how could it be possible, human are working right ? and again I would say that the human basically never wants to do any work but certain situation occurs around them which drives and motivates us to do work.

You know what matters, all that matters is yours perception, how you think and how your mind is working. Whatever you see around, is all science, everything works on the it. Even this universe is running on it.

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What Is Science ?

The word science comes from the root “SCIENTIA” meaning knowledge. It is knowledge obtained by a questioning mind as to “WHY” and “HOW” of things. How does the seasons get changed ? How come the rainbow occurs ? Why do we breathe ? How does the baby born ? How one can visit the moon or the mars ? How does plant grow ? you know this knowledge comes from repeated observations and gathering information, drawing a possible conclusions and its experimental testing for the proper verifications.

This method of acquiring knowledge is called the ‘SCIENTIFIC METHOD’. Thus science is the knowledge acquired by the scientific method.


Science is the method of approach to the entire empirical world i.e. to the world which is susceptible of experience by man. -Godde & Hatt

Science is the systematic body of knowledge based in reason and evidences. – Huxley

Is This Discipline Recently Cultivated ?

This word is not just the branch or just a field but its the reason of our damn existence. It is not like this discipline is recently evolved but it is much old and i would say very ancient and immemorial then you can think off.

Ever since the dawn of the universe, the science is in the existence. The Italian astronomer, mathematician and the physicist is known as the Father Of Science.

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SCIENCE- A Blessing

It is truly a blessing. It is the blessing to the human kind. Ever since the human civilization it has helped to solve the innumerable mysteries. It is the cure of of ailments and diseases. It has helped in finding the cure of this disease. Ayurveda is the very ancient science. It is belief that these knowledge is transferred from gods to sages. Also Modern Medicinal science, It has made our life easier in many many ways. Because of the Medicinal science we are able to bring the person lying on the door of the death.

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It has made many things very simple. Its an integral part of our life. It is the reason we are flying in the air-the airplane, because of it we are sailing and crossing the huge water bodies- the ships, It is the reason we can built the huge tanks and vehicles.

Because of it, we are able to send the person on the moon and explore the outer space also the Mars right ? We are sending the space shuttles to study the other planets, and not even that we are also bringing the sample of the other planets land too. It’s all possible just because of the science.

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Medicines, Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math is also the science. Everything is the science. The thing is just you have to see in that way.

Science has evolved and involved in our life as such a manner that without it we can hardly imagine our life.


The science is the double edged sword, as one side it has a face of angel then on the other side it has face of the devil too. So can we consider it has curse also because there are number of such examples that can prove that it is more curse than that of the blessings.

Like say for examples science has developed plastics okay so its very handy but on the other side its non biodegradable too. With the help of science we had invented the weapons of destructions like missiles, bombs,With the help of science we have invented the atomic bomb. And this world has witnessed its affect and results yea, remember atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6 and 9, 1954 respectively. Till today we can see its ill-effects, right ?

Once the Einstein said that,” No Mouse Would Develope Its Own Mouse-Trap”.

Still its in our hands how to swing the sword, because the sword has to be the double edged. Its a weapon that we have to decide whether we have to swing for the attack or for the defend.

Once The Dr. Kalam said that : Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it. As we all know, technology has brought an unprecedented prosperous society to human. There is no doubt that we benefit a lot from it. But it also produced many negative effects, which has caused great harm to everyone’s life.

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