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Hello everyone! I am here to share about the Superstitions in India. As we all know, India has diverse Religions. People in India are very sensitive for their Religions. They obey their Culture and Religion with the bottom of their heart. They blindly believe and follow all the rules and traditions of their Religions. Moreover in India different Religions have different Superstition and some of them are common too. You might know some of them? If not, then don’t be worry about it. In this blog you are going to read some of these superstitions that are very common in Indian society and the facts behind them.

What is Superstitions? The answer to this question is excessive belief and reverence for the supernatural things. In ancient times man used to believe in these thing very much but in modern age which is the age of science and technology. Yet some people stick to them now also.

India ranks first in the list of the most Superstitions Countries. It means citizens of India specially old minded, uneducated people blindly can do anything in the name of Religion.

Some of the most common Superstitions in India.

You might have read one outstanding play written by the great poet William Shakespeare i.e Julius Caesar. In that play, Julius Caesar was murdered, there was a thunderstorm. In that play also, heavy rain, storm and thunderstorm was consider as a bad omen. Similarly there are many popular superstitions in India. Some of them do not have any meaning but, some really have very interesting scientific facts behind them.

Indian Superstitions that have Scientific facts behind them:-

1. Restrictions on cutting nails after sunset.

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Our parents and grandparents mostly tell us, not to cut our nails in the night or when it is dark. Most probably they are advising others but they too are unaware of the fact behind it. In previous time there was limited supply of electricity. So that’s why people at night do not cut the nails because of the fear of injury and for hygienic reasons in the house. But now at the modern age, night is no more dull and dark, even now in some areas (like Mumbai and Delhi) of India, night is more brighter than day. So thus we can cut our nails in night also. Their is no harm in it It clearly means that we just misunderstand this superstition.

2. Taking bath after attending funeral.

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Yes, this is very common in Indian society. It is very compulsory to take heavy bath after you visited any funeral ceremony. Most of the people misunderstand this superstition, as they believe that we do this activity to stay away from supernatural things, but it is not at all true. This superstition clearly have a scientific meaning behind it i.e the dead body can be the home for many different kinds of bacteria and fungal infection, once the body is burnt, the infection get spread in the air. Thus, it is good for others to take bath after attending funeral to avoid infection by the microbes.

3. Women are not allowed in the temple and in the kitchen during mensuration:

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In some areas of India, still women are not allowed to cook in the kitchen and restrict them to enter in the temple. They believe that during this period of time they are not pure. But this is meaning less as this time also we actually misunderstand the words of our ancestors. Our ancestors, do not allowed women to work in the kitchen because at that time proper medical facilities like sanitary pads, pain reducing pill and drugs were not there. So, that’s why women can able to get proper rest time, our ancestors restrict them to work in the kitchen and also do not allowed them to go to temple which is far away from their house.

4. Eating Curd and sugar before going to start any journey.

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In Indian society, our mother and grandmother are very obsessed to give curd and sugar for eating before we start any new journey. In Indian culture, it means a good luck. But, the reason behind it is that curd gives us cooling. Thus it helps our mind to stay cool and fresh so that we can concentrate in our work whereas sugar is a source of glucose which gives energy so that we can complete our work fast and efficiently.

5. Always we swallow the leaf of Tulsi, we never chew it.

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This is mostly in Hindu culture. In this culture, Tulsi is consider as the Goddess and we also worship her in most of the occasion. You might remember that, your Parents always advice you to swallow the leaf of Tulsi, without chewing after any worship. But in your mind, you have ever thought that why? What is the reason behind it? The reason behind it is that a Quora user, Chander Govindarjan told that a little amount of Arsenic is present in the Tulsi leaf. That’s why it is recommended to swallow the Tulsi because arsenic can create a layer of yellow color over your teeth, thus it can damage your teeth.

6. Restrictions on sleeping near Peepal tree at night.

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Indian people believe that Peepal tree is a home place for negative energy, ghosts and spirits. But it is totally false, the justification behind this superstition is that, trees in day time release oxygen as they perform photosynthesis but in night they release carbon dioxide as they perform respiration process. That’s why it is not good to all to sleep near trees at night for health as it may cause suffocation.

7. Hanging Lemon and Chilli’s at the entrance door.

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Most of the people hang the “Nimbu Mirchi” to avoid bad omen and bad luck but this is not at all the reason behind it. The answer to this question is that lemon and chilli’s have some insecticidal and antibacterial properties, which helps to keep the insects and bacteria away from our house or working place. Thus, it reduces the diseases causing by insects and microbes and also help to increase the sanitation and make the environment positive.

Like these superstitions, there are still number of superstitions that we hear them in our day to day life but do not know the reason behind them like why we not move outside in eclipse time? You might be knowing the reason behind it that we not step outside at that time because our eyes can be affected and get damaged. There is a superstition that we not sleep with our head facing towards North. The reason is might be due to the magnetic pull of the Earth which can cause disturbance in blood pressure and can cause headache. Similarly there are number of superstition are still left to understand.

Superstitions that do not have any scientific fact behind them:

1. Its is consider a bad omen if a black cat crosses the road in front of someone who is going for some journey. It means that the man will not get Success in that journey.

2. Similarly, when someone sneezing at the time when someone is departuring is also consider as a bad luck for him/her.

3. Hooting and crying of owl and dog respectively brings bad evil and bad luck according to Indian society.

4. If someone is going for any special work, and accidently is he/she comes across a dead body, it is considered as a good luck.

5. In old age, some people believe that if we tighten the ropes in bed at night then they are going to be blessed with daughter and not son.

6. If the students going to appear in the examination come across a person carrying a bucket full of water, it is the sign of good omen.

By Reading these superstitions, you might be thinking that how it is possible, how a black cat and sneezing can destroy your new journey. Your Success is only dependent on your hard work and patience. Secondly, crying and hooting of owl and dog can bring you a bad luck. They might be in problem, that’s why they are making sound for the help. I am not able to believe that why daughters are always underestimated, why the people of Indian society, do not want daughter. Thus this understanding is getting reduce day by day. Moreover how a single piece of ropes can decide whether it will be a girl or boy. It totally depend on biological process.

Thus, these superstitions are very famous in old age and getting reduce day by day. But still these superstitions exist in the society. Even some well educated person also believes in these superstition that do not have any meaning. Our today’s generation should not believe in such things and should only concentrate on hard work. Although some of the superstition are made for our well fare. Thus I only want to advice you that be positive towards everything and try to know the reason behind each and every things. Always Remember that your hard work and focus will decide your destiny.

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