Today’s Generation

Today, I want to put a highlight on the topic of Today’s Generation as we come to know that today’s generation is busy in their life only. Today’s youngsters are not at all involved in physical activity but waste their time in social media. They do not spend time with their family, and they get busy with their friend’s in chatting with them. It is a bleak problem as today’s young eyes are lively on the internet, mobile phones, etc. Today’s youngsters do not care about their health as they are mainly busy with their smart phones. Today’s generation losses its aim frequently and starts engaging themselves in bad habits, primarily smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. Today we are going to put some ray of light towards their bad habits, problems as well as the steps by which these problems can be solved.

Today’s Generation

1. Getting engage in friend circle.

Getting engage in a friend circle is a widespread problem with the youngsters. People are not even paying attention to their careers behind their friendship. Hanging out with friends, having fun chatting, not at all thinking about life. Giving more importance to friends and not even thinking about family matters. They love to do a party at night with their friends. They love to go to a pub and resort for their entertainment purpose apart discovering new things with their family members and relatives. It’s not bad to go out and chill with friends but it must be in limit.

2. Youngster’s getting busy in drugging and doping.

Some of the youngsters are involved in doping and drugs addicted. Doping means taking performances enhancing drugs before physical sports. Most of them take steroids so that they can give their best performance. But although this activity is restricted nowadays. Today many agencies are there who take these doping tests by taking blood samples before the performance. Secondly, drugs are becoming a fashionable thing for youngsters. They do not care about their life and their family. Thus become addicted to these drugs. Moreover, these acts of taking drugs and doping are very harmful. It has negative impact and it destroy their family and nation too. The solution to this problem is that some NGOS and organisation should be open for removing the habits and addiction of drugs among youngsters. And Parents must keep watch on their children that what they are doing, where they are going, like this small small things can save the children from this bad habits.

3. Disrespecting elders.

Disrespecting elders is common now for youngsters. Today’s generation has completely forgotten to respect others. Doing the most disrespectful things, fighting with all, treating everyone as the same. They do not respect elders, family members, even their parents also. They get very much offended if their parents try to give them some piece of advice about their welfare. All this has become a fashion for today’s generation. In ancient times, people used to respect their parents and elders with their loved ones, but today’s generation does nothing like this. Very few people respect everyone! Today’s generation has become a very inconsiderate one lost their moral values. They should not much involve in social media and try to give more time to their family. So they can learn the moral values from their Parents and Grandparents.

4. Forgetting their traditional customs.

Nowadays, people have forgotten their traditions. Today’s generation is forgetting their culture and adopting foreign customs. As the earlier generation used to do Prayers to God in the morning and evening and they used to wake up early in the morning and touch their parents feet in the morning and respect them. But today’s generation does nothing like this. Today’s generation has forgotten all the customs. Today’s generation does not follow any rituals. Some of them are rising bubs, disco party at night and celebrating Valentine’s day, etc. These things are very much trendy among youngsters which are taking them away from their traditional customs. Moreover adopting new things is not bad but forgetting old traditions are at all good.

5. Engaging in social media.

This is one of the intractable problems among today’s generation that they spend maximum time on social media. Nowadays, people have become so involved with social media that they are not paying attention to anything. Like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram all are connected with it, that they are not taking out time for their loved ones. Some people misuse social media like spreading rumors. Social media should be used for good works and not for wrong actions. At the age, they should concentrate on their careers, but apart from it, they are busy in the social media. Youngsters should give their maximum time in developing their skills, exploring new hobbies instead of getting busy in smart phones.

6. Forgetting the moral values.

Today’s generation is not respecting the moral values too and getting busy with their life. Moral values do not mean to them at all. These values are slowly getting disappear from their book of life.

7. Lack of patriotic feeling towards nation.

Lack of patriotic feeling toward nation is getting finished in the heart of youngsters. They are not at all interested in getting to know more about their nation. Youngsters are the future of our nation. They must show respect towards our nation and nation’s security forces.

8. Smoking and drinking has become a fashion.

Smoking and drinking has become a fashion nowadays. They are involved in these kinds of activities because their friends are doing this. Today’s generation gets influence from their friends only. They don’t even listen to their parents. Today’s generation should stay away from these things. Society should arrange yoga sessions for youngsters so that they can relieve their stress, tension etc. Because exercise and yoga are the best medicine for mental and physical health. To know more about Top 10 benefits of Exercise click here.

9. Losing their temper frequently.

Youngsters lose their temper very fastly. They become aggressive if things are not going according to them. Today’s generation is a very aggressive one who loses their state of mind in tiny things. They also disrespect their parents if they are angry. This is due to the lack of exercise because youngsters are not involved in physical sports, so they don’t have patience, and they have no tolerance power.

10. Forgetting their aim, goal.

Today’s generation is busy in their life and do not concern about their future. They are not at all eager to become something in their life. They want to spend their present time in useless things. And if some of them have their goals then also they are not able to complete because they do not work hard at present and they keep on procrastinating and wasting their valuable time. Some seminars should be arranged for the youngsters in which counselling should be taken for the youngster on their career these type of program can help them in various ways as it can give them the right option and guidance for their career.

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