Top 10 benefits of Regular Exercise

Today I am going to discuss Top 10 benefits of Regular Exercise. Exercise is very important for our body. It causes very good changes in our body. It burns our calories. There are many types of physical activities like as dancing, swimming, running, jogging and many more. It is very important if you want to stay active. Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer. It does not cause illnesses to your health. But it help to prevent many diseases, and likely even live longer. It has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feeling of depression and stress. Exercising daily calms the mind. It is very important for today’s generation. Now I will explain the benefits of exercise and why is exercise necessary for us.

Top 10 benefits of Regular Exercise

1. To make healthy body.

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Exercise is very important to keep our body healthy. To feel fresh and healthy, exercise is the best way to do so because exercise help our body to breath properly. Healthy body helps you to concentrate on your work as it is well said “A healthy body has healthy mind “. Exercising daily and properly can give you healthy body which can fight from the diseases.

2. Reducing heart problem.

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At present, heart problem is very common problem. Once this problem occurs, it is very harmful for the body. Exercise strengthens your heart and improves your blood circulation. The increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels in your body.  Heart problems like heart attack, cardiac arrest etc. can be reduce by doing exercise and yoga daily. As yoga and exercise increase the blood circulation of our body which help our heart to work healthy. If we continue to exercise then our disease will be cured soon. In actually heart attack occur due to the increment of blood pressure. Blood pressure increases due to the deposition of fat as in the vessels fat get concentrated thus reduce the area for the flow of blood which result in high pressure of blood will pass from that vessel than previously. So, thus fat body can only be reduced to a proper balance body by doing exercise, yoga and morning walk.

3. Increasing concentration power.

Increase Concentration Power With This Practice
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It is very common problem between students that they are not able to concentrate properly during studies. It is also for those who are unable to reach their goals, who are not paying attention to their studies. Exercise is necessary for those who are depressed, who are sad, who are unable to focus. This problem is due to the lack of exercise, if the student do the exercise and yoga daily this problem can be solved and on the other hand mind will become sharp and healthy. In actually concentration power reduce in the students because of the certain distraction like Mobile Phone, Games, Social Media etc. Yoga is very essential for increasing concentration power because in yoga , we have to relax our mind from certain distraction. Thus our mind can learn to concentrate.

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4. Reducing negative thoughts.

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For today’s generation, negative thoughts are very common thing. Meditation is necessary to cure from the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can also be removed by doing exercise and yoga daily. If we do so , our brain generate the positivity and reduce the negativity to a large extent. Exercise will end the negativity inside us.

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5. Problems of fatty body.

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Increasing calories in our body brings many diseases towards us, because calories increases means fat deposition. Fatty body becomes the centre for heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc. because due to lack of exercise fat get deposit in our blood vessel which increases pressure blood in our body. Thus regular walking, yoga and exercise can reduce the fat to a large extent.

6. To boost your body.

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If you want to increase your energy and capability of doing work. Exercise is the best way ! doing one hour workout can make your body fresh throughout the day. Exercise can help you but on the other hand having proper balance diet with good nutrition can help you to boost your body against diseases. Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental function.

7. Development of the body.

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Apart from the mental development, physical development is also very necessary. It can be develop by doing yoga, exercise and playing different outdoor games . Physically developed body helps you to fight from diseases in many ways by exercising our body muscles will develop. Thus fit body can only be develop by exercise .

8. Remove toxic from body.

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Our today’s generation is very aggressive one. It’s because of the deposition of toxic in their body . These toxics can be removed by the sweat only and exercise and yoga is the best way to generate sweat. Toxics get deposit is the body due to the hormonal disturbance mostly. Because hormones get produced is mostly in puberty age and thus due to lack of exercise, this toxic cannot be removed. From exercise our nervous system also get developed to a large extent. Development of nervous system can increase your reflex power (Impulse will generate properly ). So exercise daily.

9. Making immunity system strong.

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To make immunity system and lungs strong exercise and yoga is the best way because during that time large amount of oxygen go inside our body which helps a lot. By exercising our blood becomes pure and lungs become strong and healthy. Our kidney can also work properly. Kidney filtrate the waste material properly. By doing exercise our urination process become good. Our kidney, lungs and other organ becomes clean which thus makes the immune system strong and diseases remain away from us.

10. Problem of fatigue.

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Today’s generation is very lazy, so it is necessary for them to exercise. Most of the people feel fatigue at all the time. This problem can be solved by doing Exercise daily in the morning. Most of the people do not remain fully active and energetic till the end of the day . They do not able to work full day so, thus to remove this problem . Exercising 1 or 1.5 hours daily to stay fit.

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