Top 5 ways to Stay Focused

Hello! How are you? Hope you will be fine. So I’m here to share with you Top 5 ways to Stay Focused. So have you ever promised yourself that this time it’s going to be different. You will be 100% focused and you will not let any distractions get in your way. Next thing you know, it’s two hours later. You’ve checked your email, scrolled through Facebook and read a couple of articles. However, what you haven’t done is Study.

And since you got distracted, you now feel guilty about it. You then start to worry about the future, which leads to feeling powerless. And there the negative circle of distractions continues. If this has ever happened to you and you find it difficult to concentrate on your work or studies then you are in the right place. So here are Top 5 tips on to Stay Focused or how to avoid distractions and stay focused.

Top 5 ways to Stay Focused

1. Use applications.

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There are many time management and productivity apps you can use to help you stay off your phone. A couple of them are Forest, Stay Focused and Rescue Time. These apps will help you to manage your time. And with help of these apps you can see that how much hour you worked today.

Click here to download Forest App.

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Note:-The apps are not here for any Promotion.

2. Use two accounts on your computer.

Yes, use two accounts on your computer. One of them is only for your Studies or Work. The other one can be used during your free time. In this way, you can separate your focus time from your free time and avoid multitasking or just quickly check something for two minutes. So 2 accounts will help you to stay away from the distractions.

3. Clear your space.

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Only have the most necessary things on your desk and remove the rest, so you don’t have it near you or in sight. This will help you to reduce your stress. And your efficiency will also increase by keeping your space clean. And it will help you to stay calm. And by avoiding the unnecessary things on your desk will help you to be Productive.

4. Put your thoughts on paper.

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The reason for this is that when you start thinking about something and you need to remember it for later or get a new idea, you don’t want to forget about it — so by having a blank paper on your side you can transfer the thought from your brain onto paper. Simply by writing it down. You can then continue focusing without having any hanging thoughts disturbing you.

5. Listen to Music.

When there are a lot of noise going on around you, you can listen to music to block out other distractions. There are lot’s of playlist on Spotify with Calm and relaxing background music. That help you to focus on the present moment and concentrate on what you’re currently doing right now.

You can decide to not get distracted with things that have nothing to do with your Goals. Because you don’t want to look back and know you could have done better. The choice is yours and your focus is like any other muscle in your body. As you train it, it gets Stronger and your ability to Concentrate increases.

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