Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which one is more secure?

Hello Everyone! as we all know that Whatsapp has updated it’s Privacy Policy, So because of this many people are confused that which one is more secure. So here I have compared Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which one is more secure? So you will get a clear Idea that which one is more secure.

Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which one is more secure?

1. End-To-End Encryption

End-to-End encryption means the message sent using any app are visible to sender and receiver of the message.

Whatsapp:- It is not completely an open source software. And it’s backup data is not encrypted.

Telegram :- It is not an Open Source Software. Servers have access to keys.

Signal :- It is an Open Source Software. And it’s truly End-to-End Encryption.

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2. Chat Backups

Whatsapp :- It has Third-Party cloud backup. It’s backup is stored in Google Drive.

Telegram :- It has in-built cloud backup. But when you are using secret chat, it’s backup will not be available.

Signal :- Local backups can be enabled but off by default.

3. Screen Security

If you are chatting with any Person then that person can take the Screenshot or record the screen. But with the help of this feature you or the person with whom you are talking, will not be able to take screenshot or record the screen.

Whatsapp :- Whatsapp doesn’t provide such feature.

Telegram :- Telegram Provides this feature only in secret chats.

Signal :- Signal provides this feature.

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4. Group chat security

Whatsapp :- Whatsapp don’t provide Group Chat Security.

Telegram :- Telegram also don’t provide Group chat Security.

Signal :- Signal provides the Group Chat Security.

5. Self Destructing Messages

Whatsapp :- This feature is provided by the Whatsapp but here you can’t set the timing.

Telegram :- This feature is provided only for the secret chats.

Signal :- This feature is provided and you can set the timer from 5 seconds to 1 week.

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6. Maintain Data Privacy

Whatsapp :- No, Share all the data with it’s Parent Company Facebook.

Telegram :- Yes, it maintains the Data privacy.

Signal :- Yes, it also maintains the Data Privacy.

7. Voice + Video Calls Feature

Whatsapp :- Whatsapp provides this feature.

Telegram :- Telegram only provides Voice call feature but the video call feature will be available soon.

Signal :- Signal provides this feature.

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Comaprison in Table Form.

Whatsapp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which one is more secure?

Platform FeaturesWhatsappTelegram Signal
End-to-End EncryptionNot completely open source and backups not encryptedNot open source Servers have access to keysOpen Source and End-to-End Encrypted Chats
Chat BackupsThird-party cloud backups, which is not securedIn-built cloud backup, But secret chats backup is not possibleLocal backups can be enabled but they will be off by default
Self Destructing Messages YesOnly for secret
Group Chat SecurityNoNoYes
Screen SecurityNoOnly for secret chatsYes
Share Private DataYes, with Facebook CompanyNoNo
Voice + Video CallsYesYes,
Video calls will be available soon

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By seeing this now you will be able to decide that which app is more secured for you.

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