Why is Sex Education Important?

So the Sex Education, ringing bells or not ? If yes then let me guess, you are thinking of the Netflix’s series but, hell no. Today I would like to share requisite and the indeed indispensable things which are very essential for the current generation and the educational systems of the developing and the overpopulated nations like India.

Sex Education is very common in the developed nations but in the developing nations especially, nation having rich in cultures and with a 5000 years to 7000 years old civilization is not that common as because people there have their own belief, also factors like social factors, religious factors say for example, living with the parents i.e. joint family, religious customs and beliefs hinders and acts as hurdle to the path.

Meaning of Sex Education :

Basically sex means gender okay ? but sex also refers to the sexual intercourse, a reproductive process where one can reproduce their offspring; as if in the laymen term. And this act is very crucial for the existences of the species with the time.

And Sex Education is nothing but the advice, instructions, guidelines to follow for better, safe and healthy Sex and Sex Life as well.

It helps to deal with the uprising issues like satisfaction of the sexual needs, sexual responsibilities, unwanted pregnancies, emotional relations, birth control, barrier methods and contraceptions, STDs in the sexually relationship with your partner/partners. This education equally applies to both the homosexuals and the heterosexual.

It is the tool which is require to be included in the curriculum of the students by the state and the central educational ministry of the government for the sake of the betterment of the students .

Goals And Motives of Sex Education:

There are many motives for providing the sex education and the reasons for the which its necessary to add this, as a subject of education by the education ministry in the nations like India. Some of which are mentioned in below :-

  • Basically To clear that social stigma and the hesitation related to the sex which is prevailing in the society.
  • With the help of Sex Education, we can modify the culture that believe sex is shameful and that screws up everything you know.
  • The one of the important aim is to tell and realise the people that sex is usual and there is noting shameful in talking or discussing about it, as this sex is nothing but one of the basic human needs.
  • To provide the proper knowledge of/for healthy, safe and secure sex.
  • Sex is more like yoga and the aim is to master the form of this art.
  • To improve the practice of better sex.
  • To improve the skills.
  • To clear the doubts of the teenagers who are supposed to get attracted toward the opposite gender and are excited for the sex, at their age which is obviously common.
  • To prevent the unwanted pregnancies.
  • For the birth control.
  • Effective use of the proper barriers like condoms and the contraceptives as well.
  • To prevent the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), with the help of proper sex education. As the condoms are very effective in the prevention of the STD’s.

Points to be included in Sex Education:-

There are many points which has to be included in the sex education, some of which I personally believe are:

  • Practicals, I mean it, in a sense of uses of the barriers like say for instances how to put on condoms properly. so that we can prevent the Sexually transmitted Diseases i.e. STD’s like AIDS, also the unwanted pregnancies.
  • Also how can we perform sex without getting worried about he pregnancies i.e. Birth Control
  • The reproduction process, the sexual intercourse, that how one can last enough in the vaginal sex so that satisfaction can be achieved . As we all know its biological need, and the need has to be satisfied.
  • Giving information about the different postures and positions like missionaries, scissors, lotus etc
  • To inform the students that sex is nothing new nor different. Its the oldest of the art which also includes skills.
  • points of concern is to educate the children that there is nothing wrong in the expressing of your sexually problems with your partner or the doctor.
  • Knowledge related to Kamasutra (the โ€œKamasutraโ€ is one of the world’s oldest textbooks of erotic love and certainly the most famous. It was composed in northern India in Sanskrit, the literary language of ancient India, probably in the second centuryโ€”a time when Europeans were, sexually speaking, still swinging in trees.)
  • How to built up stamina ?
  • Diet and Exercises, which are necessary for better sex.

Also there are some programmes running under/by the World Health Organization, WHO you can click here to get more information.

As if I talk about the current generations, we knew that teenagers often involves in the sexual activities and if they do not have any proper and the adequate knowledge regarding the activities in which they are involved there could be uprising problem for them.

If I talk about the sex education in the nations like India , its needed to be improved. Though the government is working on it and for more information click here.

How to be Productive? Click here to know.

Advantages of the sex education:-

As like the goals and the motives, there are many advantages of the Sex Education if its properly taken into account of the education system by the education ministry.

  • To develop the state of mind.
  • To uplift the thinking and remove the social stigma prevailing in the society.
  • This would provide the enough and sufficient amount of knowledge about the sexes, sexuality and the hormonal induced behaviour too, which might be lacking by the parent side.
  • This would help the child in being confident and more open-minded to parents.
  • This would help by preventing the unsafe and unhealthy sex practices.
  • Also prevent number of the risks like unwanted pregnancies, physical health problems in the girl.
  • Helps to prevent the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) like AIDS, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia.
  • Will enhance and increase the safety and health of the individual.
  • Will lighten the individual about the ways to have better and healthy sex practice.

Disadvantages of sex education :-

Unlike the advantages there are less disadvantages of the sex education, as follows :

  • This would might act as a motive for initiating a sexual behaviour.
  • Individual might take it in a negative way and might get molested or molest someone.
  • Individual might enter into early sexual practices as in early stage.

Message from Author:-

Dear Readers,

We all know that the coin has two sides likewise Everything has its two sides, but the thing is that we have to choose what we have to Do. This Sex Education is a very Powerful tool for the entire Youth and the Students. And as Dr. A P J. Abdul Kalam once Said that, “Students are the Future of the Nation.” So the thing is to we have to Admire the Students way they are. As each and every Individual is Unique. And a very example of this is Cult Classic Movie Taar Zameen Par. Just want to say The Real Beauty Lies In The Inner You, Your Soul.



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