Women’s Empowerment

Today I am going to share with you about Women’s Empowerment. Women empowerment means investing on women by providing them quality education and giving them opportunity to shine in the top of the sky and to fly in the sky freely without depending on other. Moreover, empowerment will be achieved only when gender discrimination will get eliminated from the society. In short, we should respect women in all possible ways and should give them proper platform so that they can showcase their talent and ability. Moreover, today we are going to discuss some of these above topics related to the Women Empowerment.

1. A ray of light towards the condition of women in past 20 years.

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As we all know, from the starting India is a male dominated country where the population of male is highly more than the women. In past 20 years , most of the people believe that women are only meant for domestic household work. Thus they do not allow them to go out and to earn money. Most of the old minded people believe that women only can take care of their family and moreover they should concentrate on them only apart going outside. Earlier, there were very less number of platforms were women were getting less opportunity to show their talents . Hence, all the time men were supported. All the people believe that only male gender can only help in the development of the society and nation. This mind set of people creates many problems for women. Earlier they have to face a very high level of discrimination and special gender discrimination. They have to go through in the mental, physical and social stress . Because people underestimate them and as a result no one take stand for them . Earlier sexual harassment , beating, acid attack etc. were very common. In short women were not able to express their feeling and cannot able to showcase their talent, women were being oppressed by members of their families and society as well for no big reason. Many times they were abused by man and faces many types of violence and discriminatory practices.

2. Violence face by mother who give birth to female baby.

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Some years ago, baby girl was killed after her birth or she was aborted in the womb of her mother only . This is very disgusting thing ever that you are not giving them the chance to prove them even. Earlier, the bounded mind people believe that, girls cannot do anything and thus that’s why they always want to have a son not a daughter baby. But one thing they cannot understand that if the baby girl will not born then they will not able to extend their family generation. Because one girl plays many roles in her life i.e.

A Daughter
A sister
A Life Partner (Wife)
A Mother
A Grandmother

Gradually this activity had been stopped to a large extend. Now, it is illegal to kill a baby girl . The family who has involved in such activity can be pushed behind the bars even. Nowadays, to check the baby girl or boy in the womb of the mother by doing ultra sound method etc. is illegal. Government can give a punishment of heavy fine.

As, we are the future of the India that we should take a pledge from now on wards that we will not motivate such types of activities and also not involve in them and personally one thing I cannot understand, that in our Indian Society there is a tradition of worshipping many female goddesses, but on the other hand killing female baby, disrespecting women, sexual harassment and torture is practicing a lot in the society.

3. Women’s contribution.

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In some last years, women are taking participate in many platforms including physical one also. They are standing for their rights and trying to understand the society that it doesn’t mean that the country’s need for growth can only be fulfilled by respecting and honoring women only to some extent. It needs equality in every way of life for the rest of the country’s development. Nowadays although sexual violence, domestic violence, female infanticide, wife burning workplace, sexual harassment, child marriage and child labour and many more evil practices has been reduced to a very large extent because government are helping women to stand for their rights and thus women are also contributing their effort for their better future. Although earlier girl were not able to get a qualified education as compared to boys and their family also not want their girl child to get education and told them to learn household work for her marriage. But now, girl were not at all underestimated and how they are going to school and getting best education as compared to boys. Government is also playing a very important role in giving a quality education to the girls. They are reserving many seats for only girls in many government schools and college. Women are getting good and outstanding platform for their development. Now women are contributing in the development of the nation. Although in some village women are not able to get there changes but government is doing their best . Women development and empowerment is going in every field. To know Top 10 habits of Successful Person Click Here.

Female IAS and IPS Officers of India
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Women have started taking participation in every field . In Olympics and in other international level games by participating in them, women has played a great vital role and also make Indians to feel proud . They also participated in politics and help in the development of the nation. Some women are army officers, police officers, IAS, IPS etc. who contributed in the welfare and security of the nation. Women also became great scientist , engineers etc. and help to make our life easy and helpful. They also start participating in medical field, by playing a important role of doctors and nurses. Thus as we come to known , that women participation and contribution is very vital in today’s world . They are now not smaller than men and can stand in front of them proudly.

4. Participation of women in:-

Politics :-

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In other words women empowerment in the field of politics. Simultaneously women had started taking very outstanding participation in the field of politics . Earlier women were not allowed to vote but now it became right to vote for them . Now women are working in public offices and political parties at lower levels but more than men . Government has also made reservation for women in several institutions and in the local governments . Citizens of India also supporting them very much so that they can help in the development of the India by participating in political parties.

Education :-

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In other words women empowerment in the field of education . In the field of education, as we take a close look then we can easily recognize that from past back 10 years from now, positions of power for women have increased substantially. Education is consider as the milestone of women empowerment as it become the way to spread this idea. Education is not educated the people but also they to understand them the vital role of women in the society. Moreover women in the corporate world has been increasing gradually but substantially. Now women are getting education to a high level and thus their participation in the field of education, corporate, private department is increasing to a high level also.

” To awaken the people , it is the women who must be awakened . Once she is on the move , the family moves the village moves, the nation moves.”

– Jawaharlal Nehru


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In other words women empowerment in the society. Although a proper equal platform for women were not available in previous time but in today’s time women challenges have been reduced to some extent, as now they get equality b/w men and women, safety for women had been increased a lot, now women can work in night also freely without any fear . Government has already introduced various schemes for the welfare of women . Some of them are “Beti bechao, Beti padhao yojana” (Save girl child , educate girl child ) This schemes create a huge impact on Indian society in the field of education. In short women empowerment in society means getting equal reputation and equality in the every field among everyone in the society.

5. Inspirational Indian womens.

There have been many inspirational women in the world who inspired us. Whose example is still intact.

1. Kiran Bedi :- First to join the Indian police service

Image source – Google | Image by – Clinton Morora

2. Sania Mirza :- Tennis player

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3. Mary Kom :- Boxing player

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4. Saina Nehwal :- Badminton player

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5. Geeta Phogat :- wrestling

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6. PV Sindhu :- Badminton player

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7. Kalpana Chawla :- Astronaut

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8. Mother Teresa :- Catholic nun

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In today’s time girls are not less than boys. There are many more such womens who have inspired us.

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