How to be Productive?

Hello, How are you? Hope you will be fine. As many people are confused between Busy and Productive Day. So let’s discuss today the difference between Busy and Productive. And I will share How to be Productive and Top 7 Habits to be Productive. So let’s see it.

Normally in today’s life all people are doing and spending there time in many different things. And after spending whole day if they analyze then they have done nothing Productive they were just busy. To become Successful Person in your life you don’t have to be busy, you have to be Productive. To know about the Top 10 habits of Successful Person Click Here.

Busy in the sense they think that they are doing there work. But in 2 hours they just work for 1 hour and waste 1 hour because of distractions. And like this they continue for whole day, but at the end of the day when they analyze it then they will found that they have not done anything Productive today.

So that’s why to help you out today I am sharing with you Top 7 habits to be Productive for whole day. So let’s jump into it.

Top 7 habits to be Productive

1. Make to-do list before going to bed.

Whenever you go to bed for sleep, before that take a Pen and your diary and make the to-do list for the next day. So by making the to-do list in the night time your most of time will be saved for the next day. You don’t need to waste time by thinking about what you will do today. So it can help you to save your time.

2. Wake up early.

Wake up early in the morning. Many businessmen, entrepreneurs and other Successful People says that it’s good to wake up early in the morning to boost up your whole day with positivity. In the morning time, mind will be fresh and energetic so it will gain knowledge faster than during the day time. To know more Click Here.

3. Do Morning Meditation and Exercise.

After waking up early in the morning spent your 15-20 minutes in doing morning Meditation and Exercise. Just do Meditation for 2-5 minutes and you will feel energetic through out the whole day. So daily make a routine to do 2-5 minutes Morning Meditation and 15-20 minutes warm up exercise. This will refresh your mind and will help you to grow yourself. To know more about the Top 10 benefits of Regular Exercise Click Here.

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4. Be an Executioner.

Many of the people just waste their time on thinking and dreaming only but they never try to execute the plan. So don’t be just a day dreamer, try to execute your plan. Don’t waste your time by just thinking only, try to take action. Don’t waste your time, your time is too much precious. So utilize it wisely.

5. Give Priority to Important things.

Normally what happens, people keep on doing the things whole day. But when they sit and analyze their work at the end of the day, they realize that they have not done the important things and the whole day was just busy but not Productive. So to avoid this kind of things make the list of the things which are more important and try to complete them first.

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6. Visualize your Dream.

As you also know when you sit for doing your study or doing your work and after few minutes or hours you will feel like giving up, you will feel like to procrastinate your work. So whenever you feel like demotivated remember the Purpose of your work, Visualize your dream and ask question to yourself, If I will Procrastinate then will I be able to complete my goal or dream? If yes then keep on doing the time pass. And if no then leave all the useless things and start working.

7. Learn to say ‘NO’.

So this is one of the most important thing that you have to learn to be Productive. Normally what happens, when we are doing our work and someone come to us and ask to help him in his work. Now our work is pending and we are going to help him. So with this what will happen our time is wasted and we will not be able to complete our work on time. So learn to say ‘NO’. I am not saying we don’t have to help. I am trying to say that complete your work first and then try to help others.

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